Different types of Pallet Rack Protectors

You should consider the function and durability of pallet rack protectors when selecting them. The Protect-it post protector, for example, is a yellow plastic extruded bumper that attaches to the lower front column of a pallet rack upright. These post protectors have exceptional performance when it comes to protecting your pallet rack. Accidents between forklifts or pallet racking are a leading cause of workplace health problems in warehouses. Collisions between forklifts and pallet racking can cause structural damage that is costly to repair, which puts your employees at serious risk. In case you have virtually any questions relating to where by and how you can make use of rack protection, you possibly can e-mail us from our web site.

Protective columns with this shape are often designed with a “V-shaped” face. These protective columns are typically made of heavy duty steel and can be placed in locations with large footer plate, such as earthquake zones. A heavy-duty protector is a must if racks are placed near walls or in aisles, and they are typically made with one floor anchor. Other options for protection include bollards. Bollards might not be enough protection against forklifts. But they can help to avoid collisions with pallet rack.

Bollards can also be used to protect pallet racks in warehouses. Bollards, which are posts that are embedded into the ground, make it difficult to forklifts reach certain areas. Bollards can be used to protect people, racks, and doors. They are low-cost and easy to install. These pallet rack locks don’t require drilling, but they can be very useful and cost-effective.

End-of-Aisle protection can also be used to protect racks. This type of end-of-aisle protection shields the ends of the pallet rack rows. These protectors are sold as either a single shield or in a combination of two-headed shields. Some of these are also referred to as guard rails. These shields provide protection for aisles that are narrow and high.

Protect the end-aisle from collisions by using protectors. Although these protectors are designed to prevent racks from collapsing as a result of a collision, they don’t affect traffic flow. Moreover, these end-aisle protectors are often adapted to pallet rack systems and are bright in color. They are installed to the floor of your racking system, and are typically made from heavy gauge steel. Anchor bolts hold them to the floor.

Different types of Pallet Rack Protectors 1

Protecting pallet racks is an important part of any storage system. Your distribution center’s success depends on the performance of your racks. Properly protecting your end-racks and uprights will save you money in maintenance and replacement costs. It will protect your investment into pallet racks as well as your inventory. If you are thinking of purchasing Pallet Rack Protections, consider these benefits:

These protectors not only protect your racks from impact, but also prevent damage to the uprights. Protect-it columns guards fit around the upright base to protect the rack’s internal frame. These are also helpful for loading ground-level boxes. You can choose from a variety of pallet rack protectors to suit your warehouse’s needs. Also, make sure to store your products safely. The right protection will extend the life of your storage equipment.

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