Why Good Companies Go Bad 1

Why Good Companies Go Bad

Icarus was a number in Greek mythology. With his father Together, Daedalus, he was held in jail in a labyrinth, so certainly had trouble escaping. (in the end, it was a labyrinth!). Then, Daedalus acquired a shiny idea. He began collecting feathers, that acquired falling from the sky (I could only believe from over-flying parrots, but anything can occur in Greek mythology) and glued them onto some twigs using beeswax.

He made two pairs of wings. And he told his kid, “Icarus, let’s hear soar out of!” Initially, Icarus thought old guy “yeah, like that’s going to work; a set of wings!” But Daedalus said “believe me son, they will work, try them” just. Therefore did Icarus. He placed on the wings and, cautiously, started flapping his arms. And, much to his shock, he became popular! Icarus was soaring, initially quite cautiously but he grew more confident, and started enjoying his flight gradually. He started flying higher and higher. His dad, Daedalus, shouted go too much “don’t!

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” but Icarus didn’t hear him (or, more likely for an adolescent, overlooked him) and went even higher. The beeswax melted, the feathers out popped, and Icarus dropped down to earth: Dead (the Greeks are no chips in their mythology). That is why we call it the Icarus Paradox; the same thing that acquired made him successful, escape the take flight and prison, is what led to his downfall. In his overconfidence he had become blinded to the dangers of soaring too near to the sun.

The size of the displays (23 inches) was also excellent. Etihad does, however, need to consider increasing the real number of offerings available through their E-box system. The ongoing service onboard was very hit or miss. Some staff members were very pleasurable and attentive and others were on the obnoxious side.

It is never pleasurable when a first-class cabin staff member is acting as if they may be doing passengers a favor by providing to them. I noticed that for my foods, especially the next foods offered toward the finish of the plane tickets, I had fashioned to approach the cabin staff to demand service.

This shouldn’t be the case on a top airline in HIGH GRADE but appears to be a recurring issue on both Emirates and Etihad. The dining options themselves were very good, and there were most of them. Three menus were handed out; a dining menu, a wine menu, and a tea menu.