For Consumer Services/Finance @ Scout24 At Scout24

Scout24 is a leading innovator at the forefront of the digitization of the buyer journey within the true estate and motor vehicle value chains. With more than 1,200 employees and an organization revenue of approximately €480 million (2017), Scout24 is a leading operator of digital real property and motor vehicle marketplaces in Germany and other Europe.

The famous brands ImmobilienScout24 and AutoScout24 belong to us. Are you interested to have more impact in your task? Are your prepared to become a proper partner to our business? We want for a talented and experienced Frontend Engineer to become listed on our Consumer Services Team in Munich. You’ll have a direct effect on the buyer experience by implementing features that allow the user to finance and insure his mobility solution.

You’ll be part of the agile and highly motivated team providing the most state of the art front end solutions. Strengthen we have highly dedicated engineers by employed in the entire technology stack we are employing. Improve the performance and usability of our website, create a next-level web experience for our users. Support our agile and lean product development, presenting new ideas, concern feasibility of existing procedures, and help us improve where we can. Cover the complete life cycle, from a sticky be aware on the table, to code, to an operating service that is supervised round the clock. Minimum 5 years of experience in the next technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Know about Scala, JS Frameworks, AWS, and Microservices Architecture. Be considered a Coach and a united team player with strong communication skills, to mentor and support your team where you can.

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