ANA New York JFK To Tokyo Narita Business Class Flight 1009 1

ANA New York JFK To Tokyo Narita Business Class Flight 1009

We started in the British Airways Galleries lounge. Seems like no matter who I take a flight with (Iceland Air, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, and now ANA) this is their lounge of choice. It’s decent. There are a dining area within the lounge but only 1 World top tier or people traveling on BA First get to utilize it. The 777 has ANA’s new “staggered Business Class” seats and was configured much like the Cathay Pacific 777 I took back in January – Business Class is divided in two by a galley area and a door.

We sat in the larger back section. One advantage to seated in the ahead part of the Business Class is that you don’t have lots of individuals walking past you during boarding. Headphones, slippers, blankets, pillows, and an amenity package were waiting for us at our chairs. The air travel leaves at 6pm and supper was offered when we were aboard.

We both find the Japanese meal. You are offered by The FA a sleeping mat to go on top of the seat. It’s helpful, but I found the chair hard and oddly lumpy still. Despite that, I got a great deal of rest. I’d brought my BA First pajamas beside me and changed into those first — I hate sleeping in my street clothes. That they had a fairly comprehensive midnight snack menu and I’d heard that Ippudo was doing ANA’s onboard ramen so I got a bowl of that. Onboard Wifi for transoceanic plane tickets is somewhat rare still.

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ANA’s works for about 50% of the trip, since it generally does not have coverage on the poles (and sadly the Wifi isn’t smart enough to tell you if it is out of coverage area, it just silently fails). The Wifi is on a per-megabyte basis and it is very expensive compared to domestic US Wifi pricing.

Complicating matters is the fact that cell phones have lots of options to limit data use while on mobile networks, but hardly any to throttle usage while on Wifi. 6/5MB plans, complete my task, and then search until my 5MB was away. Also, I would switch off all automatic app updating and FB video auto-play before purchase. The in-flight entertainment actually got some very nice travel shows about Japan and I finished up doing two of the things I saw while onboard.

It also has a seat-to-seat chat which was nice given how enclosed and private the chairs are. I needed more ramen and Dr. K has the traditional Japanese breakfast. Both were tasty. We landed promptly around 9pm. Japan has several railway companies and we rode Keisei’s Sky Access line since it comes directly into Ueno place near our hotel.