When REITs RESULT IN Large Losses 1

When REITs RESULT IN Large Losses

REITs are famous for being protective income-producing investments. There is, however, a lot of landmines that can lead to substantial loss. We explore the most common reasons that lead to large losses in the REIT sector. Finally, we present how we seek to avoid landmines at High Yield Landlord. · They pay high dividends. · They are defensive investments. It is then not just a surprise an estimated 80 million Americans invest in REITs through their pension savings and other investment funds.

When you combine “lower risk” with “higher reward”, you tend to get the crowd’s interest and REITs have a track record of providing that. · They create steady cashflow through rents that are assured – often for quite some time to come contractually. · They have a tendency to be less volatile as the higher dividend yield acts as a shield against daily volatility.

Now, while REITs have helped to create many fortunes; they have also resulted in massive prosperity destruction sometimes. Bankruptcies are rare in this sector, but there are several counts of REITs that keep dropping in value and missing dividend payments. REITs can be wonderful truly, but you need to find out what you are doing.

Freshly IPOed stocks and shares have historically been poor performers. The seller generally waits for the best time to get the highest price and generally they could have a good reason to want to cash out. Sounds familiar or do you have similar experience in recent IPO? Further reading: …..on analyzing and selecting good REITs to invest. CHOOSING The Right REITs To Invest In? Here Are 5 Things To Lookout For.

I have more than 40% of REIT in my collection and it forms a basic and incredibly important foundations for my income generating portfolio. Throughout the years, I must admit that I’ve spent many “incorrect” -for a price or reasons, lousy REITs and I’m still learning how to choose a good REIT to get.

Obviously, buying REIT is not merely about the Yield, and Income but many other factors that determine a good or bad REIT. One would have to be very care to steer clear of the “value trap” in investing in REIT. Happy REITing….and enjoy your weekend! “You will notice our major collateral holdings are few relatively. It is difficult to find investments meeting such a test, which is one reason behind our concentration of holdings. We simply can’t find a hundred different securities that comply with our investment requirements.

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