Internal Knowledge Development And External Knowledge Access In CAPITAL RAISING Investment Performance 1

Internal Knowledge Development And External Knowledge Access In CAPITAL RAISING Investment Performance

Using longitudinal data on the investments, syndication, and performance of 200 US‐based venture capital firms, we find that buying industries when a company has more knowledge and trading with more or familiar exterior partners improves investment performance. In addition, we reveal important interactions between the two strategies, in a way that access to external knowledge is particularly beneficial when the investment exposes spaces in the firm’s own knowledge. Thus, access to external knowledge is more effective when an incongruity is available between the actual firm understands and what it intends to do. We discuss the study’s implications for organizational knowledge and learning, strategic alliance, and capital-raising literature.

RBI has continued to be prior to the curve in the current economic cycle. Not only did it supply the much-needed liquidity to the overall economy, but they have reduced policy rates by 75 bps already, and changed its policy stance to neutral and to accommodate then. However, the much-needed transmission is lacking as consumers and NBFCs/HFCs moved to banks for additional credit requirement, and banks were forced to raise deposit rates to get incremental deposits to lend. However, with prolonged surplus liquidity by RBI and decrease in deposit rates by a few large banks, transmission will be visible. While transmission will help in ensuring pass-through of earlier rates, the real rates remain on the bigger side still, impeding a sustainable recovery thus.

Lower EMIs will help the consumers in either keeping or eating more. If the RBI slashes rates by another 50 bps Even, the policy rate will be at 5.25%, thus ensuring a 1.5% to 2% range of real policy rates over expected inflation over the next 2 yrs. RBI’s own estimations project CPI inflation at 3.3% and 3.7% for FY20 and FY21.

Notably, for the last two years, inflation has been less than RBI’s mandate of 4%. Structural factors suggest a benign inflation environment. Global essential oil prices are improbable to move up because of the positive supply surprise by US shale essential oil and move to renewables. The global food grain stock-to-use percentage is at the best level in almost nine years.

In India, too, we have large food stocks. Within a slowing global and local economy and fiscal consolidation, core inflation is also unlikely to increase as pricing power is bound. Given the above backdrop, the time has come for the RBI to step on the pedal to operate a vehicle growth as upward risks to inflation are limited, but downward risks to growth are higher. This calls for a 50 bps cut in interest levels, which will go quite a distance in changing the negative sentiment.

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