As Director of Interactive Branding at BRANDEMiX, I went to the Mobile Social Communications 2011 meeting, presented by the Business Development Institute. This fascinating event featured both case studies and roundtable discussions about how exactly brands are attaining their business goals by using mobile social strategies and new mobile platforms in their marketing promotions. For those who couldn’t make it, I’ll recap the features.

There were some very cool insights, important lessons, and fun facts that I’d prefer to pass along. Matthew Shadbolt from the Corcoran Group began things off. His real estate company’s goal: going “beyond the four walls” in providing apartment information. Since the most important part of real property is location, Corcoran partnered with Foursquare to provide New York City neighborhood tips, posted by residents, to help homebuyers determine if a particular area was right for them.

” Shadbolt made clear that this information was targeted not at tourists but at residents and newcomers. Many real property sites demonstrate what it’s prefer to live in a specific house; Corcoran now teaches you what it’s like when you step outside. The lesson: Foursquare wasn’t made with real estate at heart, but Corcoran saw the potential in merging local reviews and apartment shopping. I’m sure that a true quantity of real estate companies, especially in New York, will observe Corcoran’s lead. Laura Fink from American Express OPEN showed us how the ongoing company is reaching out to small businesses. AmEx created SMALL COMPANY Saturday, Saturday after Thanksgiving a day of patronizing local a movement to make the brick-and-mortar businesses.

Fink pointed out that Black Friday is perfect for the big container retailers, man is for online stores, and Cyber, but no one is championing the mom-and-pop shops, which are susceptible in this economy especially. SBS was promoted through a website and Facebook Page. The first Small Business Saturday, year last, brought a significant upsurge in sales to small businesses, calendar year, and American Express is hoping to keep carefully the momentum this. It’s a great idea-and just how many corporations have created a national holiday?

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25 declaration credit the card company is burning its message with actual savings. American Express, consumers, and small business owners all earn. Fun truth: 41 elected officials, including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, declared November 27, 2010, Small Business Saturday. Not surprisingly, Foursquare arrived frequently at this meeting on mobile, cultural press up. The lesson: I believe this is a perfect exemplary case of “gamification,” using game-design techniques to engage consumers. Lots of businesses offer discounts for users who check in, but RadioShack rewarded users for looking at directly into places other than RadioShack. This shows precisely how powerful game mechanics can be.

Fun reality: Through the Holiday Hero promotion, Foursquare users spent 350% more at RadioShack than the common customer, making the marketing campaign was a heroic success. I’ll have to save the other useful loudspeakers for another post. Because of the Business Development Institute’s Special Events Coordinator Jennifer Brous, Director of Events Maria Feola-Magro, and CEO Steve Etzler for a great event.