SharePoint Interview Questions For Developers 1

SharePoint Interview Questions For Developers

Web Parts are componentized, self-contained deals of interface that may be dropped into place on SharePoint Web Part webpages to provide discrete units of efficiency to users. It can be easy to get confused between sites extremely, webs, web applications, and site choices. The farm is the topmost level in the hierarchy. Below the plantation, you have web applications symbolized by the SPWebApplication course, which match an IIS application pool typically. Below that, an assortment is had by you of site selections within the SPSiteCollection course. Finally, you have site collections represented by the SPSite class and individual websites represented by the SPWeb class.

The two files that are used to define a feature are the feature.xml and Elements.xml .The feature XML file defines the actual feature and can make SharePoint aware of the installed feature. It usually recognizes the Feature itself and its element manifest document and pieces the Feature scope to Site. Elements.xml document identifies the set-up, class, and method to apply in feature.

Solutions allows you to package Features in a cupboard (.Cab) file and establish important metadata about those Features. After a Solution is installed on a server in the plantation, after that you can use SharePoint’s Solution management features to automate the deployment of this Way to other sites within the plantation.

The solution manifest (always called manifest.xml) is stored at the main of a solution file. This file defines the set of features, site meanings, resource documents, Web Part data files, and assemblies to process. It generally does not define the document structure-if documents are included in a solution but not detailed in the express XML file, they aren’t prepared at all. As the solution file is essentially a .cab document, use the makecab.exe tool to create the solution deal.

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The makecab.exe tool requires a pointer to a .ddf document, which describes the structure of the .cab file. The format of the .ddf file is, declare a typical header, and then enumerate, one document per series, the group of files by their current address on the drive, separated by where they ought to live in the .cab document. The Feature Framework has been extended to allow developers to generate custom Features.

Features can be deployed by using SharePoint Portal Server 2007 new form of deployment, solution Deployment namely. Solutions you may already know, our custom packages (e.g. WSP file) or redistributable CAB data files, created by programmers and deployed by SharePoint Administrators. Administrator can deploy Features to the individual site or to all Web front End Servers.

Custom action: Represents a link, toolbar button, menu item, or any control that can be put into a toolbar or menu that appears in the UI. You define custom actions by utilizing a custom action element within a feature definition file. You can bind custom activities to a list type, content type, document type, or programmatic identifier (ProgID). For more information, see Custom Action Definitions. Event receiver: Evaluator of an event and definer of the behavior of an application.

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 gives you to specify event handlers within libraries, lists, and sites. Event receivers can be described by using a receiver element within an attribute definition file. To find out more, see Event Registrations. Master page: Pages offering a consistent layout and appearance (look and feel) for SharePoint sites.

They enable you to factor out the design, structure, and interface elements such as headers, footers, navigation bars, and content placeholders. Module: A file or collection of file instances that define the spot that the files are installed during site creation. Modules are used to put into action an internet Part Web page in the site frequently. You can define modules by utilizing a module component within a feature definition file.