Seven Questions To Ask Before You Advertise 1

Seven Questions To Ask Before You Advertise

Advertising, or paying good money to really get your message before your target market, has a location in your marketing combine still, although it’s much less effective as it was previously quite. If you’re going to market, you need to be smart about any of it — or you can quickly end up with a blown budget rather than much to show for it. Here are seven questions to consider before writing down that check. 1. Should you generate customers/traffic/leads/etc.

If so, then you better pull out your finances. Advertising is hands down the quickest way to get your message before your target market. Perhaps you have a good news position and a good relationship with a reporter. Or you have a high-traffic Web site and/or blog. Or maybe you’re a dynamic volunteer with a huge organization and may use networking to get the message away.

But if none of them of these really apply, then you’d better take a closer look at advertising. 3. Do you need to augment your other marketing initiatives? Perhaps you have articles featured on an internet site targeted to your customer foundation. Great whenever your article is middle and front and not-so-great whenever your article is buried in archives. A little advertising on that site can keep you in your focus on markets view all the right time.

Or perhaps you struck platinum and got a large article discussed your business in the perfect trade publication. For the month and not-so-fantastic for the other 11 months of the year Fantastic. Or possibly it’s taking you longer than you’d prefer to drive traffic to your Internet site. Advertising is wonderful for speeding things along. Frequency is king when it comes to marketing — if you’re out of your customer’s sight, you’re out of their mind as it pertains to purchasing time probably. Advertising is an excellent way to beef up or increase what you’re already doing.

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4. Are other marketing methods not appropriate in this situation? Lets say you want to have a sale. But your customer database is small (or nonexistent). Your Web site has minimal traffic. So you aren’t heading to get any bites from the media since getting a sale isn’t news. What do you do? 5. Could you rather save time than money? Lets face it. Running an ad is easy.

Other marketing methods are more time-consuming. If you’d like your marketing to be easy, then advertising is approximately as easy as its heading to get. 6. Are you planning to test a fresh campaign or a fresh product/target market? Running small, inexpensive ads can be considered a good way to check certain marketing aspects before launching big, expensive, time-consuming promotions.