Those ARE REAL Investments, Right? 1

Those ARE REAL Investments, Right?

Well, if you’re leftist this means to take other people’s money and piss it away on worthless social programs, headed up by linked cronies in the non-profit world typically. For instance we “invest” in our children in the schools, but they don’t learn anything and are ranked near Mexico in terms of standardized test scores. We “invest” in communities by building (Mark Dayton’s favorite) “community centers.” they don’t really do not provide a place for bums and the indigent to stay warm during the winter or have social workers baby sit other people’s kids during summer. You see, an investment has to have some type of rate of come back.

Something where you take the money, you Make investments it in something, which something provides you MORE than what you spent during the period of its life. If you are using this (actuality based) definition, you’ll think this would apply to the currency markets. Your 401k, your IRA, your mutual funds!

Those are all REAL investments, right? Oh, you unhappy, unhappy good, two-shoes, obedient suburbanite conservative SWPL people. So sorry, it is not. You see, the INITIAL trade, the first time a brand-new stock is sold on the stock market, that is INDEED an investment. We call this “initial” first-time sale an “IPO” or “initial public offering.” This is, whenever an ongoing company wants investors to fund it. The arises from these IPO’s, then go to the company which in turn then TRULY AND REALLY invests it. They buy the property, they buy equipment, the hire people, they build plants. They and their original financiers make the true investment. But what happens from then on?

How do you good obedient 401k Clergy people “invest” if the top financial institutions do all the “real” trading already? Well, the answer is – you don’t. You, them, one another. Anybody who will pay them more than what they paid for it. Once that happens those stocks are no longer real “investments.” They may be speculation simply.

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This has two ramifications. 1. This implies the entirety of the US pension-planning system is based on speculation. 2. The stock market and economic growth longer have anything to do with one another no. I really like it when liberals desperately indicate the stock market as if it is some barometer of economic growth, standards of living, or wellness in the united states.

Nearly everyone under 35 is under/unemployed, we’ve lost real, fulltime times on a nominal and altered for inflation basis, economic growth is lethargy, but hey hotdiggitydoooo! Dat der stock market broke 17,000! In there’s any the reason why the stock market is NOT the economy, it’s that the ONLY financial growth to result from the stock market came from those IPOs.

After that money was invested, there was NOT JUST A CENT MORE of economic growth because of the sale of those stocks. Thus, any price boosts (once again) have absolutely no bearing on any new investment entering the real overall economy. Now, I understand, I know. I’m just a party pooper. I used to be an ongoing party pooper before the Asian currency turmoil. I was a celebration proper prior to the Dotcom crash. And I used to be an ongoing party pooper before the education bubble. My question is this simply. Can you have preferred to really have the crashes over me and people like me aiming to tell you the truth?

Any degree running a business studies will provide you with a chance of the basic-level job and the chance to progress through the rates, but a high level MBA courses may also perhaps you have bypassed the analyst stage altogether. This won’t happen every time, but it does happen during life as an investment banker.