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ABOUT Education

Popularity of B-schools nowadays rests on their placement information. Greater the percentage of those positioned, the better the grade of education imparted by these B-schools- this is the general notion. It was this problem that was adopted for a -panel discussion on April 17 by Praxis Business School on the occasion of the convocation ceremony of the course of ’09 and ’10. The panel consisted of K Dasaratharaman, President, Specialty Businesses, Spencer’s Retail, Shankar Chatterjee, Managing Director, Bertling Logistics, Dr Prithwis Mukerjee, Professor, VG-SoM IIT Kharagpur, and Santosh Desai, MD & CEO, Future Brands Ltd, Future Group.

Moderating the conversation were Prof Charanpreet Singh, Associate Dean, Praxis Business School. Singh elaborated on this issue and presented both its sides – why should B-schools not be called placement agencies and B-schools must have a greater goal. Opening the discussion was K. Dasaratharaman. The IIM A passport spoke about the philosophical, social, and sociological areas of a B-school.

He humorously narrated how students of reputed B-schools can easily get credit cards or find a partner. What made his speech sticks out was however a distinctive observation: “Life is not just a selection of ‘or’ but it’s the tyranny of the ‘and’. Chatterjee considered B-schools to be the sellers, MBA graduates to be the corporates and products to be the purchasers.

“Nowadays B-schools follow the practice of selling by yelling. Basic fundamental values should be instilled Instead. We, Indians, should be confident”, added the organization honcho. He felt corporates should give importance to the individual of the institute instead. Prithwis Mukherjee, the 3rd speaker took an extreme position and believed that B-schools had indeed reduced themselves to placement agencies.

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He criticized B-schools for propagating the thought of ‘industry-ready graduates’. “Leadership, Mathematics, Technology, and Psychology are the most crucial factors that an MBA should work upon”, felt Mukherjee, demonstrating the theory with a power-point presentation. The ultimate speaker Santosh Desai elaborated on the idea of how successful people should never be questioned as they are regarded as intellectuals. “The fundamental question to ask is what does the industry need?

” said Desai. He urged the learning students never maintain love using what is available but instead be creative. He further advised the B-schools to figure out what the business world needs and encourage students to question. The discussion, enjoyed by the audience, gave rise to numerous questions – why B-schools are not following a way of open-source system, why cannot students stress on education, why are Indians not successful in India and the like. Each of them got gratifying answers from the recognized panel and the new graduates had lots to take away with them.

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The firm’s actual investment in inventory will be unchanged from the amount forecasted. Accounts receivable will rise significantly above the forecast. The business might face a cash-flow crunch. The usage of short-term debt provides flexibility in financing since the firm is paying interest when it is actually using the borrowed funds. Unlike spontaneous sources of financing, discretionary funding takes a managerial decision.

Within the context of working capital management, the risk-return trade-off involves an increased threat of liquidity versus increased profitability. Accrued wages are considered an unprotected, non-spontaneous source of financing. The principal sources of guarantee for short-term secured finance are accounts receivable and inventory. Trade credit shows up on the company’s balance sheet as accounts payable. A firm can reduce online working capital by substituting long-term financing, such as bonds, with short-term financing, such as a one-year notes payable.

Increasing the use of short-term personal debt versus long-term debt financing to increase profit. Spontaneous sources of financing might be either short-term or long-term. Short-term debt is generally less expensive since it provides the borrower more security. Trade credit is a way to obtain spontaneous financing. Summary data from the quarterly balance sheets of ACH AC UNITS are shown below.