ATIF Holdings Limited Launches Investment And Financial Analysis Reporting Business Nasdaq:ATIF

There are around 70 million SMEs in China. After 2000, a number of these enterprises overseas started to go public, and collateral investment has since become a hot subject in the development of companies in China. However, the non-standardization and uncertainty of the collateral investment market, the unequal quality of available investment projects, and the issue in finalizing funding arrangements have triggered some businesses with immediate need of funding to handle fundraising challenges. In addition, most SMEs looking for funding have fewer opportunities for connecting with traders because of having less standardized reporting in China.

The Company already has a professional investment and funding team to conduct its Reporting Business. The Company desires to provide SMEs with comprehensive investment and financial analysis reports for their sustainable development. THE BUSINESS also needs to provide traders with objective and reasonable due diligence reviews in order to accurately understand market placement and investment opportunities of the firms and better manage risk.

Mr. Liu continuing, “We launched our Reporting Business as an effort to standardize China’s investment and funding market. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, ATIF is an organization providing financial consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses in Asia. The Company’s core businesses include going public consulting services, international financial consulting services, and financial media services.

The Company has recommended several enterprises in China to visit general public in the U.S. At present, the Company has business centers and service centers in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, and a united team of experienced consulting specialists. All statements other than statements of historical fact in this announcement are forward-looking statements.

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