Fitness Camps Or Luxury Retreats? 1

Fitness Camps Or Luxury Retreats?

In recent years, one of the most popular settings of vacationing amongst Australians is fitness holidays. A fitness vacation is a planned getaway used for the improvement in one’s fitness and health, while at the same time getting some well-deserved relaxation. Sometimes, Australians join fitness camps to attain better health insurance and a fitter body.

Numerous such fitness camps are available in Western Australia (WA), Queensland (QLD), and New South Wales (NSW). However, the locations of the fitness camps, the facilities available, the different therapies and programs provided along with wonderful accommodations makes one question if actually these are fitness camps or luxurious retreats.

When one thinks of camp, immediately a picture of bunkbeds, crowded room, single sharing bathing rooms, and in case there is fitness camps, healthy but tasteless food comes to mind. There are fitness camps that are positioned in the scenic beauty of the Blue Mountains in NSW, the amazing beaches of QLD and mesmerizing forests of WA. They provide 4 and 5 star accommodations, wherein single rooms will be given to each new with a majestic personal quality and bathroom services.

Numerous facilities like fitness center with your personal trainer, pool, walking, or running track, excellent kitchen, etc are available for you to get yourself started. There are a number of activities in which you can take part in such an adventurous sports like mountain biking, climbing, walking, etc., or classes like aerobics, taekwondo, and yoga.

The best benefit about these camps is that they plan everything for you. A significant part of attaining your fitness goals is by keeping a wholesome brain. These camps have several types of mental exercises like rest techniques, inhaling and exhaling exercises, yoga, and several other meditation solutions to help you attain satisfaction and a sound but strong mental health to accomplish your goals. Probably one of the most successful techniques employed by these lamps is the use of spas.

These spas provide a way to relax and refresh oneself; while at the same time alleviate the muscles and stress and tension within. The health spas have been a guaranteed way to attain the relaxation that one looks for in a vacation. Another real way these camps vary a lot from traditional ones is the grade of food served.

  • Sourdough (low GL)
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  • Any/All Green leafy vegetables – this includes ALL Lettuces, Spinach, Kale etc
  • ‘Mini’ Gastric bypass methods,
  • Choose a minimal carb diet

Excellent chefs, who have a wonderful skill to make up healthy and tasty foods for you amazingly, are at your service. The very best part is that they use the easiest of meals that they share with you, to enable you to continue your healthy way of life even after leaving the camp. With all these facilities and features it is extremely difficult to call these fitness camps. It’s best and apt to say they are luxury retreats for you that can help you make contact with a healthier lifestyle.

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