Yonka’s HYDRALIA (renamed HYDRA +)

Yonka has once more changed the product. It works exactly like Hydralia essentially, although the substances have changed as possible read within the pursuing post. See 4 NEW Skin Boosters from Yonka-Paris to find out more about this new model of a still wonderful hydrating elixir. Does your skin feel tight after you put on your moisturizer?

Do you have true-dry skin-skin that doesn’t secrete enough oil? Do you have oily skin, however your skin still seems dry? If you answered “yes” to these questions, you may want to consider adding Yonka’s HYDRALIA to your skin caution routine. The primary ingredient in this super-hydrating elixir is glycerin.

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Unlike genuine oil, glycerin provides moisture to the skin without leaving your skin feeling oily. Hydralia can be added to both your entire day and night time cremes, helping to super-hydrate your skin. This product is crucial to have in winter and a great addition to your program-anytime. Mixing Hydralia with your day cream allows your makeup to look fresher and last longer, so you won’t have to worry about dried out, flaky skin. Enjoy using Hydralia and say bye bye to dried out, dehydrated skin. That one product can make a great addition to your healthy skin care regular.

There was zero denying at this time, which I already owned these shadows, and, honestly, that they just weren’t as special as I thought they were by looking at promotional photos. Really, Gemini is not unique especially. In fact, I believe the largest audience for it are people who wanted Subculture but decided not to buy because of the horrendous reviews. For me, I once possessed Venus II but decluttered it years ago because I had not been in a place with my makeup preferences to essentially appreciate those shades.

I’ve owned Viseart Dark Matte for a long time and absolutely love that palette. And if that’s insufficient, before I moved, I used to be gifted Subculture (though I am still undecided easily want to keep it). And that is not even counting all of my single shadows. 70 with delivery and taxes. 7 per shadow is too high. Looking at the promotional photos of Gemini, I still think it’s a gorgeous palette.

And I’m pleased to see more brands branching right out of the boring and overdone neutrals and shades that are just geared toward light skin shades. 70 on a palette full of colors that I own already. The best way I could describe this feeling is to share a story about some palettes that I’ve recently purchased. I received a few demands to test some “dupe” palettes and form an opinion on the quality of the shadows. Speaking Traditionally, I’m not a huge enthusiast of brands that “dupe” popular palettes because I do think that it is an infringement on one’s creative and intellectual property. But due to the requests, I did so purchase some palettes from Hush to test.