The Crooked Crown

Many little girls dream of being in beauty pageants; some teenage girl’s dream of becoming Miss America. Heidi Crawford’s imagines being truly a beauty pageant winner was only available in her 30’s! Heidi grew up in Arroyo Grande, California. At the age of seven, Heidi’s family moved to the condition of Utah but came back to the Central Coast when she was ten, where Heidi could attend Margaret Harloe Elementary.

She graduated from Arroyo Grande High School, where she was an active, vibrant cheer leader, the editor of the educational college newspaper, and for a short time played on the golfing team. She state governments, “There is a cute guy on the team I liked, therefore I performed:” Heidi was also very energetic in her church youngsters group at New Life Community Church. One per year went on mission excursions to Mexicali The group, Mexico.

This was an extremely fun and thrilling amount of time in her life. When she was 28, Heidi’s best friend Letitia passed away. This was a major turning event in her life. She was very near to Letitia, who got Sickle Cell Anemia, and was taken away too early. The Pageant was comprised of three categories. The interview made up 50% of the judging, 25% was predicated on their evening dresses, and the swimsuit competition was the ultimate 25%. Finding your way through the pageant was a massive amount of hard work.

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Heidi says she would run five kilometers six days a week and maintained a healthy diet plan. Ironically, Heidi says she ate snow cream during the night as motivation to keep working those long also. From each night She experienced nine different types of snow cream in the refrigerator that she could pick!

Another motivator was a book she read entitled, “The Four Agreements,” by Don Miguel Ruiz. Heidi experienced, read about it within an interview with Ellen DeGeneres in the Oprah Winfrey Magazine about how exactly much this reserve got helped Ellen in her own life. This book helped Heidi stay balanced, grounded, and to not over think the competition.

She reports at first entering the pageant to simply give it her best work, not to win necessarily. The pageant was extremely intimidating and was very involved. Heidi mentioned that a few of the ladies in these beauty pageants can be a little overzealous and competitive. Nevertheless, Heidi was there to have a great time! The pageant was about dealing with charities, raising awareness, being part of the community, and attending special events. Because of this competition, each contestant acquired to choose their own charitable organization to utilize, so Heidi decided to go with “Mercy Ministries”. The charity worked with girls who experienced medication problems, eating disorders, unplanned pregnancies, and more.

700.00. This contribution was very useful to the charity, as that they had a lot of women in need. These were grateful to her and happy on her behalf success. Earning the Mrs Missouri America name came with a lot of responsibility and role modeling for youth. Heidi did a lot of volunteering after the state competition; then it was off to the Big Kahuna, the National Mrs. America Pageant.

The Nationals were in Honolulu Hawaii at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Heidi took it all in stride, met the Governor of Hawaii, rode in parades, noticed new parts of Oahu, and made a complete lot of new friends. She was operating her daily five mls and eating ice cream still. Element of her preparation involved rehearsing in her mind possible interview questions.