So I started to write this as a response to anyone who has read my blog and thanked me and told me they were too shy to put on pictures. I have actually had a complete lot of people thanking me for the pictures and well, you’re welcome. WHILE I was starting out I use to attempt to take a look at every picture I could find and try to compare my face to theirs, is mine worse, is their worse, is their treatment working things like that.

The irritating part is we are all so ashamed of our faces none folks post pictures! I didn’t find a lot of pictures besides the ones that doctors had taken or grainy pictures people got of their face in an ongoing state asking for advice however, not a lot. At first I used to be just going to take action so I can see my improvement and then I made a decision to post them so maybe I can help others.

  • 2 tablespoons dried out chamomile
  • Coffee Foot Scrub
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  • Never let your feelings overpower your intelligence. – Drake
  • Priyadarshinibai – It (acne treatment regimen) is a life changer. My epidermis feels relaxed n clean

Sometimes it’s just nice to see another face like yours and know that you are not the only person coping with this. To me pictures are everything, I get hope from visualization so after I was having a negative day I could look back and be like, well it could be worse.

The hardest part of experiencing rosacea for me is wanting to explain rosacea to people that don’t have it. They just don’t get it! First they don’t understand that it is actually painful, they consider you have pink rosy cheeks, it HURTS. That person feels enlarged and restricted and it throbs and it feels as though it’s been in a meat grinder and it’s really hot, it’s just unpleasant.

I would put frosty wet wash clothes on my face and it would feel soooo good. Also they don’t really get that it’s that person. It’s the very first thing people see when they great for you and meet you, it’s the first impression you give, you can’t conceal it. You can try to hide it with makeup nevertheless, you know that heavy makeup is just heading to leave you in physical pain later because it’s so severe. It’s just as much as an psychological/mental disease as it is physical and other people do not get it. The only individuals who will get it is others who are going through the same things.

I got tired of hearing that. It’s easy for others to state because their insecurities can be concealed, their flaws aren’t on display. In order that is where in fact the blog name came from. In order that entire rant was to say this basically. Many thanks for reading my blog, many thanks for the support and encouragement and all the kind words.