Everything You Need To Know IN ORDER TO AVOID Questioned Costs In Audit

This post in made possible with the type assistance, and expert review by Krista Pages. No pride in ownership – GSA, please get sucked in, you can do this for the federal government wide coverage! Anyway…. this is a very long blog post because there are a great number of frequently asked questions and we wanted to put it all in a single place for simple reference. This does not make any sense!

What is the Fly America Act and just why is my travel at the mercy of this? I could fly my indigenous Nauru Airline for so much cheaper? Federal travelers are required by 49 U.S.C. 40118 (International Air Transportation Fair Competitive Practices Act), commonly referred to as the “Fly America Act,” to use United States air carrier service for any air travel and cargo transport services funded by the United States Government. USAID contractors, are destined by Fly America through FAR clause 52.247-63 contained in their contracts. What airlines are certified to provide traveler service under Fly America Rules?

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In general, all airlines located in the United States meet the criteria. Specifically, a US flag air carrier is one that keeps a certificate under section 401 of the Federal Aviation Act of 1958. When you have questions on a particular airline, you can search this database. Travelers are permitted to travel on code share flights controlled by foreign service providers. A air travel qualifies if your ticket recognizes the U.S.

How do I determine if a flight is a code talk about flight? Tickets/electronic receipts are the given information essential to determine if a air travel is a qualifying code talk about. Tickets must use the code of the U.S. Travel under a ticket issued with a US-flag air carrier which leases space on the foreign-flag air carrier under a code-share agreement is allowable. The ticket (or documentation for an electronic ticket) must identify the US-flag air carrier’s designator code and air travel number. Allow the contractor to manage the travel money relative to the terms of the contract, including the relevant cost principle.

A discussed lately on CNBC Squawk Box, the recent the CEOs of major corporations cite because of their obscenely high incomes is that they make decisions that avoid risk. Rant 3: Of course this is disregarding the actual fact that entering and operating a business is dangerous, by definition; and any business that avoids risk is on the “moving away from business curve”. However, Cost Avoidance is 1 of 2 ways to grow a business. The foremost is to invent a new product or innovate on a preexisting product (e.g., the IPAD) in a way that the company generates new business. The next, is to improve Process Effectiveness.

Management, especially mid- and upper-level management, does not want to acknowledge the role of process transformation or the addition or update of tooling as increasing the effectiveness of a process, procedure, method, or function. The nice reason is simple, it undermines the power to allow them to declare it as their own ability to control their possessions (read employees) better and for that reason “earn” an additional benefit or promotion. Consequently, this leaves those Business and System Architects always attempting to “prove their well worth” without using the metric that irrefutably verify the point. These are the key social issue (problems) in offering real Enterprise Architecture and System Architecture.

And honestly, the only organizations that encourage this cultural kind of change are entrepreneurial, and the ones large business in a anxiety or desperation. These are the only ones that are willing to change their culture. Quantifiable–Metrics that business happens to be using to measure its process(es) performance and dependability that will predictably change with the development or change; the metrics will demonstrate the benefits (or absence thereof).

This type of metric provides hard, but not financial, proof that the change has benefits. Measurable–Metrics that business is not presently using to measure its performance, but that should measurably demonstrate the advantages of the development or transformation. Typically, these metrics have the very least, like 0, but no obvious maximum. For example, I’m currently tracking the number of pages accessed each day. I know that if a page is read by no one the metric will be zero.

However, I’ve no notion of the potential readership for anyone post because most of the ideas shown here are concepts that will be of utility in the future. Still, I have a good idea of the readership of each post from the data, what the readership is interested in and what falls level on its face. Measurable metrics shall show or demonstrate the huge benefits, but cannot be used to forecast those benefits.