Derek Jeter Rookie Cards

But it ought to be no surprise that many people are extremely thinking about this event and how it may impact Derek Jeter’s collectibles, especially his baseball cards. Derek Jeter is the facial skin of the very most popular and decorated sports team ever sold. Jeter attracts both children, women and men.

His baseball instincts have won him the respect of male followers and his good looks have won feminine fans over throughout his profession. He has 5 World Series rings. That’s right 5. That by itself might have gone to get him into the Hall of Popularity enough. He’s Steroid-free. Nobody suspects him of having done steroids. There are several players who are Hall-worthy who are suspected of possible PED use and you will be scrutinized to death prior to making the Hall of Fame – just ask Jeff Bagwell who didn’t get in this year but must have.

Jeter has both expensive and inexpensive first year cards to choose from – from a time where most everything is overproduced. Collecting 3000 strikes is a uncommon incident – very rare in fact. I’ve been collecting baseball cards since 1980 and I’ve seen many developments over 30 years. I have discussed below the first year cards which exist for Derek Jeter, their current prices, the pros and downsides of each cards, and future factors as well. TRUE rookie credit cards here are detailed. There is no easy way to put this however the 1993 set is grossly overproduced. The thing in this place to gather is the Derek Jeter first year card which is exactly what most folks have.

This is the credit card people know and it’s long-term value really is available based only on Jeter’s popularity. The cards itself is simple to find, even in top graded condition. 40.00. It appears the same as the original but says Topps Gold in platinum foil lettering on it. If the choice is acquired by you and the budget, this has a lot more room to grow in value than the regular base card.

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30 that I would completely avoid. While classic collectors love small, tobacco-styled sets, this credit card doesn’t really fit for those collectors and Micro does indeed mean micro in this case. Topps created 10 also,000 pieces that got the Inaugural Marlins logo stamped with them and they did a Rockies themed established as well.

120 and they could climb as10,000 is considered a very terms and conditions run for this era. This established from Upper Deck is very overproduced also. This is an inexpensive choice but it is not a very popular choice since the picture really isn’t all that interesting. A lot of people collecting Derek Jeter usually have this in their collection as it is simple to find.

There isn’t an awful lot of room to develop on the value of this cards. In comparison, there can be an Upper Deck version to this credit card that is very expensive and usually found in set format. 150 and is uncommon to find exceedingly. If budget is not just a concern, I recommend this card has more room to grow as time passes due to its rarity. Unlike the Topps Marlins/Rockies above models that I stated, this card doesn’t have another team’s logo design onto it which also makes it more desirable to Yankees followers in particular. This collection from Score is also very overproduced. This is a cheap choice but an extremely popular choice since the picture is much better and cleaner.

While this credit card has relocated up lately, I don’t think this has much more benefit to it long term. There are a complete lot of them out there, they are usually in pretty nice shape and very easy to find. This is a great choice for a young fan. In comparison, this card is not overproduced whatsoever. In fact, of all of the regular base credit cards, this probably gets the smallest printing run.

This was Score’s first attempt at a higher end established. While millions of Topps, Upper Deck and Score credit cards can be found, there’s probably only a few hundred thousand of the (remember, for the time, that’s a little print run!). There is one problem, these are green bordered and they are UGLY!

Long term, people would need to realize the difference on the net runs to comprehend that this credit card should become more expensive than the other credit cards listed above. While Let me think that may happen one day, I would not bet on it. At it’s current price, it’s the least expensive true Jeter first year cards you can own and credited to it’s comparative scarcity, should go into any Jeter collection you have absolutely. 30.00. It’s clean design and relative scarcity make it an ideal choice for long-term investment as well.