Building Your E-Commerce Website With HTML

One of the simplest ways to build a website and maintain total flexibility with the development is to download a free of charge e-commerce website template that corresponds to your site’s needs, and edit the template with a WYSIWYG editor then. The editor I take advantage of is named KompoZer. There are only a few things you must understand in order to begin with. First of all, if you are developing an HTML website, you have three types of data files typically. There’s your standard HTML page, which is saved with the.HTML expansion.

Then you have your graphics, and they are kept together in a folder called Images commonly. Your e-commerce web page will refer to them every right time your page is loaded, so you place them onto your page, don’t move them around or change the names. Just leave them where they are.

Finally, you have something called a style sheet that tells the HTML web page what it will look like. If you wish to get fancy, you may make changes to your style sheet straight. But it’s easier to just make those changes using KompoZer. You can get started with this type of web development right now. Execute a web explore the term “free e-cmmerce website templates.” Get yourself a web themes.

Don’t go crazy – keep it simple to start out. Next, you will want to download KompoZer. One you have your files, you will want to unzip them and install your KompoZer software. Launch the program, and then open up the index document of the template you just downloaded. Now you’re ready to roll-up your sleeves and move on to work. Building e-commerce web pages can be fun, exciting even.

You can truly add or change graphics, write new create and content links to other web pages on your site. When you’re satisfied with the appearance and feel and then save the page once to maintain your changes. Save it again Then, but this right time rename your file based on the links created. Whatever kind of site you’re developing, you’ll want to be certain to add an About page, Terms and Privacy Policy. From then on, you can go crazy with content.

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Ideally, each page should have 350 to 700 words. When you’re ready to launch, all of your files will need to be published to your web hosting accounts in the same file framework that you used to build your site. Knowing these fundamentals can help you as you build and maintain other types of e-commerce websites.

Or if you want, you can use your own program like CoffeeCup or my favorite, Dreamweaver. When you are registering your name, just select the hosting option that says you’ll “park your website here free of charge”. This just means that you will be using another company (Powweb) to sponsor your site.

Then after your site has been authorized you’ll go to Powweb’s site to sign up for hosting. For those of you that own or don’t need any website creation tools already, choose the Turbo-Charged option. 3.95 monthly and if you do not own any web site design software you may use an editor like CoffeeCup to generate and deal with your web pages.

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