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Often referred to as the world-look, without this the gods could no more guide the races, even what we know as the fated races. “Isn’t a good thing?” Fabric asked, each of them beyond your barn now, the shouting and irritated grunts muffled by the building as the battle continues.

“What goes on if they don’t? “Their soul falls plus they perish apart,” the bald guardian shrugged as the two combatants, still brawling, though the build relatively appeared to have shifted. “Are you threshing wheat or trying to hit me! Vulf only snarled as he battled to land even a one blow, nonetheless following an elder man’s guidance. Along with his shouting Eadric and Gulbrand were not able to keep talking easily and settled directly into watch the fight, if it could still be called that.

Several long minutes later the Kruun stumbled backwards, collapsing to the bottom. Better “That’s,” Swithin nodded, inhaling and exhaling just a little greatly himself. “I still don’t believe a human knows anything about the fate of the Kruun,” Vulf grumbled before downing the potion. Swithin didn’t react, simply beginning to gather the weapons and equipment. Without a word Gulbrand and Eadric got up and began to help.

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Eadric was gathering his spear and axe from within the barn when he had a thought. “Didn’t the farmer say his brother was locked in here with the Ashen?” He called out to the old guardians. “Ya, what of it? “I don’t see his body anywhere in here… do Ashen eat people?

“Near as well can inform they don’t eat anything,” the bald guardian commented, walking into the barn and glancing across the dirt and straw protected floor, his eyes settling on the broken remains of the ladder, “maybe the hayloft? “MAY I am distributed by you a boost?” Fabric asked, looking up at the small second floor that was used to store hay for the animals. Shrugging Gulbrand obliged, lifting him high enough to seize the ledge.

Years of living and working around trees and shrubs made Eadric an adept climber. Without much trouble he was able to pull himself up, the dense wood was protected in a slim coating of hay that was easily brushed way. The real wood have been carved in a complex design, circles, loops, and arcane icons were hidden under the hay, all covered in a coating of dried bloodstream.

An assortment of bones, that Eadric assumed were human, were scattered across the design evidently arbitrarily, though it surely wasn’t. Even with no magical knowledge Eadric could feel some refined power coming from it, like the last warmth of dying embers, making the environment feel solid and heavy in a few intangible way that couldn’t be described.