31 Eye Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes 1

31 Eye Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes

When we choose our makeup, many people usually do not think about the color of their eyes. Each goes for the latest trending color and their eye color doesn’t even enter their heads. This is where many ladies could show off their eye even more so, with suitable colors for their eyes.

Bear in mind that what works for someone with dark brown eyes, might not work for someone with bright blue eyes. Everyone is different and of course, you wish to know how to improve and showcase your beautiful eye. Neutral and earthy shades tend to work well with any color eyes but you can always do lighter or darker for shades.

You can also add glitter and there are so many different methods and styles that you can test too. When we go out, you want to feel perfect so when we feel like this, this can boost our confidence. These different colors and results will show off your gorgeous blue eye so have fun experimenting come early July and we can ensure you won’t look back! Take a look at our 31 makeup ideas for blue eyes. Gold glitter eyeshadow works so well with the blue eye. Gold teamed with glitter is amazing.

Bring the sparkle to your eye, with this gorgeous gold sparkle color eyeshadow. The one used in the photo is a lighter color of gold. This will show off your piercing blue eye really. As this is heavy on the eyelids quite, try to tone down your lip color to keep the emphasis on your eyes.

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Gold and peach have a lovely sensitive appearance for blue eye. That is a perfect way to start your eyes. Complement your waterline with a peach color eyeliner pencil. Add a peach color eyeshadow to your eyelids Then. The tone used in the picture above is a pinky/peach tone which is based more on the pink side, then the orange side rather. If you have bright blue eyes, neutral tones look stunning.

There is, you don’t need to go heavy with the shiny colors to show off your sparkly eyes. Earthy and natural shades are stunning and beautiful. If you do want to wear vibrant colors, you can add a luscious red lipstick, that will brighten your appearance. Don’t be fooled by the essential color of the eyeshadow, trust us and try it. You’ll be amazed, and you’ll love the natural look. Rose gold everywhere is. Rose gold has been trending for absolutely everything and it’s not going away. This color girly is so pretty and. You can view why this color matches so well with blue eyes. If you want colorful and summer months eyes, look no further.

Surprisingly, blue eyes work very well with crimson and blue colors. But the rule is to smudge the colors to make sure they are smokey eyes! This appears so good and it’s easily a day-to-night look! Everybody knows that black is effective with any color eyes, especially blue eyes! Black eyeshadow looks dark and mysterious, showing off your sexy blue eyes. That is a gorgeous dark smokey look with a hint of glitter.