5 Awesome Christmas Social Media Campaigns

It’s starting to look nearly the same as Christmas everywhere you go! Take a look at the sociable promotions glistening again once, with Facebook and Twitter aglow! That is right, it’s Christmas! People throughout the world are preparing for the big day, buying presents, decorating their tree and stocking their cupboards with food! Brands spend most of the year preparing for the holidays, so it’s no surprise to see some very nice online activity this month.

With only 2 sleeps still left till Santa, brands have now all released their Christmas campaigns. Costa are someone to shy away from a good Christmas campaign never, last year they ran the ‘Costa Christmas Giveaway’ competition, where fans acquired the chance to win a true quantity of great awards with their particular advent calender!

This season the brand are warming their customers up with a fun photo contest, asking fans to talk about their moments of festive fun! Is it a selfie, a groupie or just a photo of your favorite pet, Costa want followers to send their best Christmas snaps using their Costa Christmas cups.

Costa have provided their audience with a microsite for the campaign, which allows supporters to upload photos, customize their image, share it on social networks, and send it as an e-card to relatives and buddies then. Each week to the best pics Costa have been giving away several awards! Over 50’s brand Saga Holidays launched an innovative Christmas SOCIAL NETWORKING campaign through Facebook and Twitter.

The campaign is called ‘Reveal To Win’ and asks supporters to talk about the hidden holiday and speculate the destination for the chance to win any occasion for just two to Greece! This is a fun and engaging method of revealing something to your supporters. The basis of the idea is that all share to either Facebook reveals a bit more of the concealed picture. Sky Bet are this years new sponsors of the Football League and have launched an innovative online ‘advent calendar’ Christmas campaign for supporters! Fans are invited to open up a door every day, and the figure who the concealed player is underneath!

Everyone who guesses correctly is coming into into a pull each day to win 1 of 5 pairs of Football League tickets. Sky Bet provides fans a clue ‘The quantity on the door will help you’ meaning the amount of the door is the same quantity as the player who performs for the soccer league team! Traditional brand Topshop launched an advertising campaign this season called ‘Dear Topshop’ which is situated purely on Pinterest. The brand is asking fans to make a ‘moodboard’ on Pinterest dedicated to the perfect Christmas day.

The board range from decorations, your dream dress, tree of preference and some other pins that take your nice! DearTopshop, and then your board hyperlink must be submitted on Topshop’s website! The best planks will be judged to earn shopping sprees well worth up to £500. Additionally, Topshop has also featured items which are being pinned the most on its homepage! It is not just consumer-based brands, which have being running Christmas campaigns. B2B agency ‘A Social Media Agency’ this Christmas created an application that determines whether you are naughty or nice based on your Twitter account.

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The app called ‘socialsanta’ analyses an array of any user’s tweets to observe how many swear words they have used, and then gives a ‘naughty or nice’ result. Jaywing agency has launched a similar type of advertising campaign, but through Facebook instead. Are you interested in running a social media campaign? Our software enables brands to start a variety of ‘ready to go’ campaigns across multiple internet sites. Our principles include cryptic image quizzes, picture/video competitions, answer and question quiz, caption contests, image reveal, x marks the spot and many more. We provide microsites for any of our promotions which sit on the user’s website, are customisable and can be white labeled completely. We can produce campaigns for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, and Spotify.

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