New Etude House Play Color Eyes 1

New Etude House Play Color Eyes

You know what time it is when you see wines shades. It’s fall, and wine/burgundy tones are in pattern again! Etude House recently released an eyeshadow palette that satisfies that require for even more wine coloured eye shadows. They’re presently having an 30% off online advertising (from 16 August to 31 August). Click here to obtain it from their web store! I know I will have back published this 10 times.. Anyway, let’s take a look at the palette. The palette consist of 10 shades: 4 existing shades using their Look At My Eyes series, and 6 completely new shades. There is a good mixture of matte, silk, and shimmer. Names of individual tones.

At a glance, you can view this palette is reddish toned (Duh! It’s called Wine Party for grounds!). The browns have a slight reddish hue to it also, as opposed to a far more yellowish brown. In between we’ve 3 reddish tones. In the bottom we’ve a purple tone. Amid the darker tones we have 2 golden sparkly shades.

Here they are swatched on the eye individually. I put together the swatches and the palette into one single image. Perhaps this is simpler to compare the shades’ intensity as compared to what the truth is in the palette. If you want really extreme colour out of this palette, you could utilize a attention primer before hand either, or try utilizing a damp brush so it picks more pigments up?

Layering should help too! I observe that the shimmer in the “not-matte” shades are rather sophisticated. Instead of having chunky glitter or a strong frosty sheen (which sometimes appears metallic), it appears as if it’s a very slim veil of fantastic silk – spun by the mythical platinum silkworm – split over the colours. Some interpersonal people enjoy it refined, and maybe I’m one of these! This is the kind of shimmer that gives off a faux glossy effect, and never have to smear clear lip gloss over your eyes for that wet look.

It also provides a lot of dimension normally, accentuating the natural curves of your eyes (as opposed to utilizing a matte white tone to be sure elements of your eyes stand out). This appears like a great palette quite. If I can wear makeup right now, and easily don’t already have so many eyeshadow palettes, I might get my practical this. I have no idea what’s up with me, suddenly I’m really into the subtle sparkles.

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