Hard To Believe, Right? 1

Hard To Believe, Right?

These are fairly a down economy to feel much love for democracy. In the morning is now all too familiar The sick to belly feeling at five. New place names are put into a slowly growing and a lot more infamous list as the dark side keeps on winning. Clackmananshire. Sunderland. Ohio. And each time the encroaching darkness feels that tiny bit darker just. Each time the bad guys are just that little bit worse. Better were bad Together. Vote Leave were worse. Fortunately bigotry and racism got room in the Scottish Independence Referendum.

Instead Better Together simply lied through their tooth to frighten the living daylights out of the older era. Farage and his hideous henchmen tapped the well of latent racism to attain Brexit and Donald Trump required their dog whistle hate and amplified it through a twenty-foot high speakers. It had been only two years back when being xenophobic was a surefire way to ensure politics oblivion openly.

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Now it is almost mandatory. The unsayable is the new normal. And over and over we are informed by angry old men that the people have spoken, which is time for those who think normally to suck it up. Are there common themes found as you by one the countries of the West vote for hell in a handcart? Several I guess.

Now the press spotlight will swing back across the Atlantic Ocean to glow its merciless light on France. And of course all professionals and pundits will reveal a win for Marine Le Pen just are not heading to happen. Since it can’t happen. Exactly like Trump couldn’t happen. And maybe it won’t happen.

Maybe the French would be the ones to pull a series in the sand, but it is hard to feel very optimistic. If Le Pen and leading National are beaten back again, it will not be down to a message of tolerance and wish being heard noisy and clear. Instead it’ll be right down to Sarkozy or whoever assumes the National Front matching them step for racist step. Are there reasons for this sudden hurry for a fresh kind of fascism?

Sure there are. Plenty of them. All around the western world bitter old white people are turning out in their droves to vote for the dark side. They don’t like what sort of world is right now. Of course the larger picture is rather less black and white. Or maybe much more black and white. The last two decades have observed global living standards rise at a level never before seen in the complete of history. Hard to trust, right?

So what’s the problem? Why are all these angry old white people voting for the likes of Trump? Well the problem is actually quite clear. The record breaking rise in living standards is not for white people residing in the west. It has been loved by billions of dark Instead, dark brown and yellow people in the south and the east. And it is hated by us.