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We’ve 17 bean-to-bar craft chocolate makers in Canada. Well, I believe so. Maybe. This number is all the time a transferring goal and I’ve been attempting to hit that focus on with my mouth for a few years now. And simply when I believe that I’ve tasted the last one, a new one opens up for enterprise.

Sirene Chocolate of Victoria, B.C. Canada’s rising craft, bean-to-bar chocolate motion, and, I consider, is emerging as a most attention-grabbing contender. Sirene has come out with chocolate sold in packages of ‘Tasting Pairs’. In one box, you’ll be able to discover a chocolate bar made from cocoa beans grown in Madagascar and a chocolate bar made from beans grown in Ecuador. For a curious taster, who loves to savour and compare single origin chocolate, I find Sirene’s duo packing containers a breath of fresh air.

You might be wondering why a ‘tasting pair’ is such an incredible concept. Taylor Kennedy, Sirene’s owner and chocolate maker says he designed it for the majority of people who find themselves still studying what craft bean-to-bar chocolate is. Mr. Kennedy’s objective is to “pique interest” in craft chocolate for nearly all of chocolate lovers who’ve but to experience it.

He wants them to be taught why it is so completely different from industrial chocolate. 4. Direct commerce with the farmers or co-operatives means fairer pay for many who domesticate the cocoa beans used to make chocolate. But I get it. Some beans must be handled differently than others. Some have less cocoa butter, taste bitter and are available out with a chalky texture and due to this fact, those need more sugar. But Sirene’s idea is ideal for these instances once you simply need to identify unique origin flavours in two totally different chocolates.

Currently, Sirene Chocolate provides Tasting Pairs made from simply the two origins: Madagascar and Ecuador. But Taylor Kennedy says he’s testing about 12 origins right now to search out two new pairs that work effectively collectively, so keep an eye fixed out, Sirene is one to look at! Mine was bought at JoJo Coco in Ottawa, but it is also out there on the market on-line at La Tablette de Miss Choco. With just one or two substances, the chocolate is amazingly delicate and delicious. The unimaginable colour difference between these two origin chocolate bars is fascinating, exhibiting that the beans alone can drastically affect the colour of any chocolate bar. The 73% bars had been each delicious in two very different ways.

The Madagascar 73% was fruity, with raspberry and fruit flavours. The Ecuador was barely stiffer as a result of much less cocoa fats in the beans, nevertheless it had a heavy cocoa flavour and a nutty finish. I most popular the 73% bars with no salt, but my desire is often for a barely sweeter chocolate-and salt-combination. Overall, I really enjoyed the 73% dark chocolate bars.

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On the primary day that I tasted the 100% bars, I found the Madagascar to be more palatable. On the second day, I most well-liked the Ecuador. Regardless, if I had to live on sugarless 100% dark chocolate for the rest of my life, I may reside on these two bars. Both delicate and unique and nothing in any respect like the unsweetened baking chocolate I knew from my childhood. Madagascar 100% – With its light milk chocolate color and fruity aroma, this chocolate makes you want to eat it from the appearance and scent alone.

It tastes nothing like ‘unsweetened baking chocolate’, and so much tastier than a Lindt 99% bar. This chocolate has a distinct fruity (suppose unsweetened not-so-ripe raspberries) flavour and there is no such thing as a chalkiness on the palate. I found it acidic. Ecuador 100% – This had a really candy aroma if you smelled it, which is at all times funny for a 100% cacao chocolate, since there is no sugar added. A little flat in flavour in comparison with the Madagascar, but still a pleasant heavy cocoa flavour with a nutty aftertaste.