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Foreign Investment and U.S. Taxes What exactly are the tax effects of purchasing a foreign business? In this article I am going to consider if dividends received from a foreign corporation can be eligible for the preferred taxes treatment that qualified dividends receive. In later posts I am going to consider if double taxation (both U.S. First, if you are a U.S. However, all income is not treated the same. Since qualified dividends are taxed at beneficial rates you, as a buyer, want to know if dividends from your foreign investment qualify. According to IRS publication 17 here are guidelines for qualifying for certified dividend tax treatment.

One is artificial, the latter is real. 700 billion was actual dolled out to the car or banking institutions companies. 25 billion has not been paid back!! Further, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner is arguing that the cost will be still lower. My personal wager is the US Treasury, the taxpayer, can make MONEY, on the bail out, ASWELL WE SHOULD! How can we make money?

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Because we are being paid dividends from the stock we own in these companies plus the gratitude on the value of the stock when it is bought back. How come the stock appreciating? As the economy is growing! So, I ask again, do TARP do its job? How do any reasonable, thinking person say no? Obviously TARP do its job, in spades! I only expect Social Dominators and their Right-wing Authoritarian supporters to keep on denying the obvious. None of the bailed out companies went BK.

The economy didn’t fall under a depression. The financial marketplaces didn’t collapse. You suggest there is no “proof” that the economy would have tanked if there had been no TARP. Technically, you are quite correct. Do not take my next comment as flippant because it is a significant response; you can’t “prove” that sunlight will appear tomorrow either.

American finance institutions were on the brink of collapse. Within their view, which is all we have, is that without substantial involvement of some sort, the likelihood of our finance institutions not failing is really as small as the scientist’s prediction that the sun won’t appear tomorrow. Bernake and Paulson persuaded Leader Bush of this and he acted accordingly. Concerning your other point about the tarp being implemented improperly; you are preaching to the choir beside me.

TARP could not have been begun more stupidly but, you have to consider who applied it, the Conservatives (no criminal offense intended CMerritt). It isn’t their philosophy to place lots of strings on business because they trust business to self-regulate. That’s one reason I am not a Conservative because I know that is an impossible feat for any large corporation to do.

Further, there is no relevant question we, the social people, were cheated big time, like you say just, by the same unethical business people whose previously unethical behavior brought America to the advantage of the precipice. But, having said all of that, and believing it to the primary, it generally does not carry on whether TARP worked or not unless it was significantly involved with TARP no longer working.