For The Love Of Makeup

We all have dreams – relationship dreams, career dreams, lifestyle dreams. Over time, some of these dreams become our goals, and some of these goals turn into our realities. The difference between these three areas of our ideas can be marked by many factors – but two of the most important ones I’ve found in my own life are dedication and passion.

I think of my pal Johnny who, whenever we first fulfilled twenty years ago, spoke of opening his own salon and working as a makeup artist and hairstylist around the world. Johnny bought a building to which he relocated his existing salon recently and has expanded into a beautiful new full salon and spa. He could be also now represented by one of the top artist agencies in New York working on celebrity clients throughout the world.

These are just three of many – but three that come to mind first when I believe of these people I know who understand the difference between thinking and doing. But for each one of my understood dreams, there are a lot more – both personal and professional – which have yet to come. I believe of the days when folks have thought to me “you need to make time for yourself” – and that all this time I have already been missing the correct response compared to that comment. The truth is this is all right time for myself. Whenever your life is filled up with your dreams and your … Read more

Why Energy Companies Are Investing Fuel In AGE The Electric Vehicle Still

As Shell’s largest research and development middle, the 200-acre Houston campus has 1,500 employees and hundreds of companies. They’re focusing on from formulating new biodiesel to advancing liquefied natural gas into transportation fuels. Their research also expands into something more tangible in the close to term: how to improve gasoline.

Even as Shell starts hydrogen-fuel filling channels in California, invests millions of dollars in electric vehicle startups and builds up biofuels, it continues to be pouring billions in research for evolving its primary product, fossil fuels. Almost all essential oil companies’ capital spending and research and development dollars is constantly on the get into fossil energy products and technologies, according to data from energy research groups.

“It’s very interesting to find out if these companies are putting their money where their mouth area is,” said Luke Fletcher, analyst at CDP. But Fletcher and other analysts said increasing investments in clean technology isn’t as simple as turning on the switch. Higher returns and ongoing demand for fuel and diesel could keep investment flowing into fossil fuels for at least several more decades, analysts said.

Sarina Arnold, gas scientist at Shell’s Houston research middle, mentioned that her co-workers are working on next generation fuels and clean energy as the world tries to make the transition to a no- or low-carbon economy. “We are an energy company so we are growing and adapting to anything that comes in constantly,” she said. Arnold spent the past five years leading a united team of research … Read more

New Etude House Play Color Eyes

You know what time it is when you see wines shades. It’s fall, and wine/burgundy tones are in pattern again! Etude House recently released an eyeshadow palette that satisfies that require for even more wine coloured eye shadows. They’re presently having an 30% off online advertising (from 16 August to 31 August). Click here to obtain it from their web store! I know I will have back published this 10 times.. Anyway, let’s take a look at the palette. The palette consist of 10 shades: 4 existing shades using their Look At My Eyes series, and 6 completely new shades. There is a good mixture of matte, silk, and shimmer. Names of individual tones.

At a glance, you can view this palette is reddish toned (Duh! It’s called Wine Party for grounds!). The browns have a slight reddish hue to it also, as opposed to a far more yellowish brown. In between we’ve 3 reddish tones. In the bottom we’ve a purple tone. Amid the darker tones we have 2 golden sparkly shades.

Here they are swatched on the eye individually. I put together the swatches and the palette into one single image. Perhaps this is simpler to compare the shades’ intensity as compared to what the truth is in the palette. If you want really extreme colour out of this palette, you could utilize a attention primer before hand either, or try utilizing a damp brush so it picks more pigments up?

Layering should help too! I observe that … Read more