Will Citigroup Need Boring Or Daring?

A large computer monitor sits on a desk in the reception area displaying the company’s share price in red and green pixels. A 1910 portrait of Frank Vanderlip, then-president of the City Bank or investment company of New York, hangs on one wall. He stares out through rimless eyeglasses like the ones Corbat wears. In the 16 weeks since he became mind of the third-largest U.S. Salomon Brothers connection salesman, who got to the very best by leaving his obtained firm never, has discussed making Citigroup more efficient, playing down expectations for a dramatic shift in strategy.

He announced 11,000 job cuts and scaled back marketplaces with poor earnings, such as consumer bank in Pakistan and Turkey. From the day before he was called leader Citigroup shares have climbed 34 percent. 45 billion Federal bailouts, Corbat now must be bolder in curbing risk at the same time he hunts for new revenue, investors say.

800 million at Donaldson Capital Management, He doesn’t own Citigroup common shares. “He has not done whatever rises to the amount of my awareness that says things will be different here. Mike Mayo, an analyst at CLSA who reversed a five-year stance of telling investors to sell Citigroup shares immediately after Corbat’s appointment, echoes that view. He says Corbat needs to provide more details about how he’s altering the bank’s culture and positioning it to safely boost revenue. “We’re not looking for Vikram Pandit 2 certainly.0, Chuck Prince 3.0, or Sandy Weill 4.0,” Mayo says, referring … Read more